Caring Hoya Kerri

Its thick, succulent, heart-shaped leaves. Like other Hoya varieties, sweetheart hoya plant is a stunning, low-maintenance indoor plant.
A quirky Valentine’s Day gift with a single 5-inch leaf planted upright in a small pot.
Valentine hoya tolerates relatively low light, but not full shade. However, the plant performs best and is more likely to bloom in bright or indirect sunlight. Room temperatures should be maintained between 60 deg. and 80 deg. F. or 15 and 26deg. C

Most breeder will not tell you but sweetheart hoya is a light feeder and requires little fertilizer. A light solution of balanced, water-soluble houseplant fertilizer mixed at a rate of ¼ teaspoon in a gallon of water is plenty. Feed the plant once a month during the growing season and discontinue feeding in winter.

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