Caring Ming Aralia

This beautiful desktop plant over here is Ming Aralia, Belonging to the family Araliaceae, this evergreen foliage plant is native to India and categorized under shrubs and bushes. Scientific name is Polyscias fruticosa. Some botanists consider ming aralia as a dwarf tree, especially because of its variable height.

Commercial propagation of this shrub is done by stem cuttings, root cuttings, and air-layering.

Small inconspicuous flowers are developed in summer. As for caring for the plant, it is an outstanding decorative houseplant that requires minimal maintenance. It can be planted in different types of soil, as long as the soil is loose, well-drained, and rich in nutrients.

As this houseplant cannot tolerate either waterlogged or dry soil. For preparing the soil mixture on your own, add one part each of garden soil, humus, and perlite (or coarse sand). Make to spread a little amount of lime dust to neutralise soil acidity.

You can place this houseplant on a window pane, which receives sunlight. In case, you are living in a cold climatic region, use artificial light occasionally, particularly during the winter months.

If you notice the leaves turning yellow and falling, try to change the atmosphere around from medium to high humidity level is ideal for maintaining ming aralia as a houseplant.

If you’re transplanting, take special care so that the delicate roots are not damaged. Loose soil around the main stem and take the plant out along with adhering soil. As the roots are not so extensive, you can replant them in another pot of the same size as the current one.

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